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While he is first and foremost a player and performer, Kyle has a lot of experience teaching privately, having taught at the School of Rock, University of Southern California, and out of his home since he was 15. He also has experience teaching group classes/clinics. 

Below, you'll see some sample worksheets that he uses for his private lessons, as well as worksheets from clinics/workshops he has taught in the past. 


Minor Pentatonic Worksheet

A basic F Minor pentatonic scale worksheet, detailing the 5 different important positions on the guitar neck necessary to mastering the scale.


Jonathan Kreisberg's "Strange Resolutions" Transcription/Lesson

In addition to transcribing Jonathan Kreisberg's solo from his song "Strange Resolutions" and notating it for both standard music notation and tablature, Kyle made up a short lesson that accompanies the transcription. The transcription was made in Sibelius, and the lesson was made in Adobe Indesign. The combination of these two elements provides both a complete view of the original solo, as well as a guide to integrate elements of it into your playing. You can find both the transcription, as well as the lesson, here:


Quartal Harmony Worksheet

The following is an example of a worksheet made for Kyle's more advanced students, as well as for a Quartal Harmony clinic that he has designed. Although descriptions for the graphics are not provided in this PDF, the graphics serve exclusively as a supplement to the full lesson that Kyle normally gives. As such, the worksheet is only a sample of the actual material/concepts discussed. A PDF of the worksheet can be found here: